What Are the Different Types of Plastic Pallets Design?

What Are the Different Types of Plastic Pallets Design?

A plastic pallet provides stability to bulky goods during storage or transportation. The structure is rigid and is mainly moved using mechanical equipment like front loaders, forklifts, and pallet jacks. These pallets help preserve the quality of the products before reaching the consumer. They withstand high impact and are corrosion and moisture resistant. Companies buy them mostly for commercial use but are also good for use in homes. Sites like Alibaba have a wide range of designs to choose from based on the need. This post explains the types of plastic pallets design.

4 Different designs of plastic pallets

The sizes of plastic pallets are standardized. The configuration of the supporting deck helps differentiate them from each other. Some are more convenient, especially when handling goods in transit,and they all provide the needed support. There are some different designs;

Stringer design

It's one of the most common designs you'll find. The stringer plastic pallet has three supportive slabs known as stringers. The slabs lie longitudinally, parallel to each other from one end to another. Two stringers sit on the ends while one is in the middle. The pallet will serve you perfectly as you transport your goods.

Four-way design

Blocks hold the upper deck of the plastic pallet on the outer edges and middle parts. So, each pallet length features three blocks. One can lift this pallet from any side hence the four-way name. They are more efficient to handle than others, especially in small spaces. The mechanical equipment can lift them from any direction with ease. The block plastic pallets also fall in this category. The only difference is that its surface has more spaced gaps than the four-way pallet.

Two-way design

Unlike the four-way design, this one only allows entry on two sides. These sides are opposite each other. Three columns support the top deck, two on the edges and one at the center. Transporting two-way pallets can be tricky. The lifting machine must maneuver to reach the entry points or have the pallet placed in an accessible way. Some two-way pallets have been converted to four-way to curb this problem. However, it's difficult for plastic types as you risk weakening them.

Double-wing design

These pallets feature a top deck with extended edges. The blocks that hold the deck appears beneath it due to the extension. The pallets are easy to transport due to the extended deck that offers space to hold them. They are also four-way hence very convenient. If you have been looking for something convenient and affordable, go for this design. There are multiple pallets in the online store waiting for you.

Final words

Above are the most common plastic pallet designs. However, you can find more in stores like open and closed decks and double-face plastic pallets. Feel free to buy what you want from Alibaba. When buying a pallet, also consider the ease of lifting. Check the entry point, maybe two or four, but the latter is the most convenient. Also, various designs accommodate different amounts of goods, so pick based on that.