Mesh Backpacks Nike: A Breath of Fresh Air

by Hope

Many people don’t know about the Nike mesh backpack and they are willing to know. If you are one of such persons, you are at the right place. Nike has produced different types of bags but the mesh models are one of its best. The mesh backpacks nike is a great product and it has a couple of benefits that are worth the cost.

This article will tell you more about this bag and its benefits. If you read further, you will find the cost of the knapsack and a few other things.

What are mesh backpacks Nike?

A mesh bag supports ventilation. People mostly get sweaty on their backs because of how close and tight it gets behind them. This is a problem for people that walk long distances with their backpacks or ride a bike with them. With the mesh bags, the strap gets positioned in strategic points that lift the bag off your back and allow air to go through.

This way, the sweatiness will reduce because the bag is not tightly packed at your back. The Nike logo is always on the bag to make you differentiate between the mesh backpacks Nike and the ones from other brands.

How long do mesh backpacks Nike last?

Your mesh bags from Nike can last for about 2 to 3 years. It can even last longer if you rarely use it or use it carefully. Another reason the backpack can last for the estimated life span or even longer is when you have 2 of them or more. With this, you can shuffle the frequency of usage between all the bags and allow the last long before they get worse.

However, you handle the bag without care, although it is strong, it will get worse faster. Leaving the bag wet always will make the material get weak faster. Also, the size of this carrier is 26L, and overloading it can stress it to break. Aside from packing things that are bigger than the bag size, another wrong practice is packing heavy things in them.

How frequently you use the carrier can make it weak and reduce its lifespan. So, although the Nike mesh backpack is strong, you still need to be careful with it.

How much is the mesh backpacks Nike?

You can get the product for about $50 to $100, depending on some things that can affect the price. The vendor is one factor that affects the price of the backpack. Some vendors choose to sell the product for a higher price than others to make more gains. Another thing is the quality of the bag. Although Nike produces standard quality products, some producers use the brand name to make fake products.


Getting the mesh backpacks Nike is not as expensive as you may think. It costs about $50 to 100 and it has many amazing benefits. The best benefit of this carrier is that it allows ventilation to go through your back and reduces sweating. The bag has a 2 to 3 years life span, but it can either last longer than this or less. This is because of how often you use it and how careful you are with it too.

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