Elevate Your Home Decor With Hanging Teardrop Chairs

Elevate Your Home Decor With Hanging Teardrop Chairs

If you're searching for brilliant ways to add comfort and style to seating options in your home, then hanging teardrop chairs will take your seating to the next level.

Also known as hanging egg chairs because of their egg-like shape, the seat is suspended from an overarching frame and is supported by a steel chain that helps it swing back and forth.

Whether indoor or outdoor furniture, a good hanging teardrop chair will bring that cocooning effect, especially if you're fond of hammocks and swings.

Why are hanging teardrop chairs a favorite home decor?

Over the years, hanging teardrop chairs have become popular because they offer an elegant twist to the regular garden chair. A hanging egg chair is perfect for those who want to elevate their outdoor living spaces where they can relax, sip their favorite drink in the sun or read a book under a lovely shade.

What to consider when buying a hanging egg chair

An excellent hanging teardrop chair is made from resin, synthetic rattan/wicker, or Textilene material with a sturdy and solid robust powder-coated frame. Also, because it is outdoor, it must be UV-protected and weather-resistant.

You should check the maximum weight the egg chair can hold for safety. Check the size you want, if it's a single person or double person hanging egg chair. It should also include a soft, deep, weatherproof cushion to provide ultimate comfort.

Some come with chair covers but if it isn't provided, ensure you get one to protect your chair from dust, bird droppings, rain, sun, etc.

How to install a hanging teardrop chair

The hanging egg chair may come with a stand, a steel chain, or a rope that needs to be attached to a ceiling or structure. The first thing to do before installing is to make sure there is enough space for the chair to swing around when assembled.

Here, we will learn how to install a hanging egg chair with a stand.

  • Position the front and back base, join them using the connectors provided and secure all base parts using the hex key. Snap the foot joints that keep the chair stable evenly across the stand base bottom.
  • Slide the straight pole into the base, ensuring all holes are aligned before securing it with the bolts, nuts, and washers.
  • Insert the curved rod into the straight rod, and like in the previous step, align the holes and secure it firmly.
  • Connect the extension chain to the top of the curved pole and hang your egg chair to the other end. Secure the hook and loop fastener on the back of the egg chair and the top of the curved pole.

How much does a hanging teardrop chair cost?

The prices of hanging egg chairs vary depending on the design, brand, material, and other additional features. There is quality hanging egg chairs online, from $250 to $550 for single-person hanging egg chairs and around $1000 for double or triple persons hanging egg chairs.


Hanging teardrop chairs are so popular, trending, and definitely in demand. Like everything on the market, you should buy one sooner rather than later to avoid missing out on the most trending hanging egg chairs on demand and being disappointed.